Hair Products

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At Blush, there are many products that will keep you feeling great after your day at the salon.  We carry many of the top hair care products that will keep your hair feeling amazing for a long time.  After getting your hair styled or colored by our specialists, be sure to ask them how to take care of your new look.  With the right product, you can keep your new look longer.

Handmade candles can brighten your day by more ways then just adding light to a room.  They can relax and soothing you with wounderful aromas and fragrances.  At Blush, we carry a wonderful line of handmade candles from a talented artist called Candlestach.  These candles will change the mood in any room.

At Blush Salon, we carry many of the top hair products including the following:

  • Rene Furterer Hair Care
  • Zen Care Hair Treatment System
  • Moroccan Oil
  • Verb
  • Spice Japan
  • Marilyn Brushes
  • Candlestash Candles and Mandles
  • Protective Nourishment Skin Care